Turkey_Trip_Winners“We’re excited to be going to Turkey!”

American Friends of Turkey mounted a large booth at the Metro Cooking D.C. Exhibition Nov. 8-9 with one feature attracting scores of participants: a free trip to Turkey. The prize included:

  • two free round-trip tickets to Turkey courtesy of Turkish Airlines,
  • free hotel accommodations and sight-seeing with private driver and guide courtesy of United Travel Service in Istanbul,
  • free lunch at Istanbul’s fashionable NAR Restaurant.

The lucky winners were Mr. and Mrs. Larry Fox of Fairfax, Virginia. For both, this will be a first-time experience of tourism in Turkey, although Larry has visited Ankara on business for Lockheed.

Larry and Laura both grew up in Los Angeles and moved to the Washington area in 1998, raising their two children here. Larry, who recently retired from Lockheed, is a computer wizard, in on the ground floor with the beginnings of DARPA in the 1960s. Laura is a Master’s level Registered Nurse, consulting about those with developmental disabilities needing special nursing care. She is an adjunct professor at George Mason University. “I’ve never won anything in my life,” said Laura, “and I couldn’t believe it when Nina Solarz called me to tell me I had won the drawing.”

The Foxes are considering a two-week visit to Turkey, catching some of the Greek and Roman sites along the Aegean coast, and visiting Turkish wineries, a particular interest of Larry’s, who works one day a week volunteering to help visitors at La Grange Winery in Haymarket.

Congratulations to our winners and thank you to all who visited our booth!